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Stories of Recovery and Healing

Experience the compassion and care delivered by the physicians at Florida Center for Pediatric Urology through the patient testimonials listed below. If you’d like to tell of your experiences with us, please share your story.

Josh's Story

Josh was a typical, bright-eyed, happy little 3 year old boy. The only difference was that Josh had an obstructed kidney. The obstruction was causing developmental problems within his ureter tube, which drains urine from the kidney. As a result, a kidney stone had formed and had lodged in the blockage. Josh’s mother took him to see Dr. Michael Keating, an expert in his field at Florida Center for Pediatric Urology.

Patient Quotes about Dr. Keating

Dr. Keating explained and gave excellent care. My son had total confidence in him. He was very caring and even gave us a personal follow up call after surgery. He even gave us other specialty physicians to follow up with on other medical issues outside of his practice. He is an exceptional doctor and caring individual.

Patient Quotes about Dr. Gomez

The doctor and staff were very kind and the doctor spent time explaining things to us to where we couldunderstand them. It is a wonderful office.