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Here for Kids, Here for Life.

Stay up to date on the latest pediatric urology news, research, treatment and prevention from Florida Center for Pediatric Urology. Here you can find an updated listing of information regarding our urology practice, urology news and local, health care-related events. At Florida Center for Pediatric Urology, we strive to provide our patients with the latest news regarding urologic conditions and treatments. Check back for up-to-date, local events.

Mom's invention Stops Catheter Pain

Dr. Michael Keating met with Minnesota mom who has invented a device to help relieve the pain her 3- year old son Levi's catheter was causing him.

Mason's Bladder Tumor

In Mason’s own words, “It all started when it tickled when [he] peed.” This spirited boy tells the story, complete with drawings, of his tumor diagnosis, treatment and recovery, with added insight from his parents and surgeon, Dr. Pablo Gomez from the Florida Center for Pediatric Urology. Watch his story and learn more here!

Three Simple Tips to Help a Child Stop Wetting the Bed

Parents whose kids are still wetting the bed after several years of being potty trained: don’t worry. These three expert tips may help your child overcome their bedwetting problem.

Potty Training Tips for Frustrated Parents: Advice From a Medical Expert

When it comes to getting potty trained, some kids have it easier than others – and so do their lucky parents. But it’s perfectly normal for some children to take a little more time to master this important life-skill than their peers, and there’s really no need to rush the process, says Dr. Michael A. Keating, MD of the Florida Center for Pediatric Urology.

Potty Training Tips for Parents | Dr. Michael Keating on FOX 35 News

Pediatric urologist Dr. Michael Keating shares tips and secrets for successfully potty training your children. Patience and positive encouragement are just a few of the things to keep in mind when potty training young children.

Dr. Pablo Gomez Performs First Pediatric Robotic Surgery in Latin America

Leading a team from Florida Hospital, Dr. Pablo Gomez III, specialist at Florida Center for Pediatric Urology and Medical Director of the Pediatric Urology Robotic Program at Florida Hospital for Children, recently performed the first pediatric robotic surgery in Latin America. Dr. Gomez, a third generation physician from Colombia who completed a fellowship at Harvard Medical School, performed the procedure on a child with a congenital defect at Clinica Marly in Bogota.